Methanol from Renewable Energy for Mobility with Plug-In Hybrid Cars (MEEMO)

The change of the energy supply to renewable energies within the scope of the decarbonisation of the energy system, which is necessary for climate protection reasons, depends crucially on the question of storage possibilities due to the fluctuating supply. For long-term storage, among other things, the conversion of renewable electrical energy into chemical energy in the form of hydrogen is suitable. This can be synthesized with the involvement of carbon dioxide to other current-based fuels (e-fuels). In order to promote decarbonisation of the transport sector, plug-in hybrid cars offer great potential, as they enable CO2-neutral operation and at the same time long ranges and fast refueling through the use of renewable electricity and e-fuels. In order to continue using the existing infrastructure, current-based methanol can be used as a substitute for gasoline. As part of the project, questions about the suitability of methanol as a fuel for modern internal combustion engines are to be clarified and needs for action identified. The achievable efficiencies should be determined as part of a holistic view over the entire life cycle.

(Support Code: 19I18007, Duration: 2018-09-01 - 2021-08-31)



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