Power Plants on limit

Power Plants on the Limit

BSE is speaker at the 50th Power Station Colloquium ( www.tu-dresden.de) (Dresden). Together with operators we will highlight the subject of methanol at power plant locations with must-run-units and show added value potential due to production of methanol. The focus is on delivery obligations and technical flexibility based on system integration.

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Kraftwerke am Limit

MethaShip - Methanol in Ships

BSE supports the MetaShip initiative as an expert. The project with both Meyer Werft, Caterpillar, MAN and HELM AG investigates issues surrounding the maritime use of methanol in passenger ships. The results have now been published by the federal government.

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Thermal Waste Treatment

Thermal Waste Treatment

BSE holds speech at the VDI-/ITAD Special Day Future Visions for Thermal Waste Treatment (Würzburg).

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Workshop Small-Scale Methanol Plants

Workshop Small-Scale Methanol Plants

BSE holds Training Workshop Small Scale Methanol Plants at the 36th World Methanol Conference ( www.ihsmarkit.com/wmc2018) (Vienna).
In cooperation with IHS MARKIT and leading industrial suppliers we will provide advanced information about technical feasibility of methanol production plants in this technical workshop. Methanol is the basic chemical with the best added value potential for operators of power plants.

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Project Start Methanol from Renewable Energy for Mobility with Plug-In Hybrid Cars

The change of the energy supply to renewable energies within the scope of the decarbonisation of the energy system, which is necessary for climate protection reasons, depends crucially on the question of storage possibilities due to the fluctuating supply. As part of the project, questions about the suitability of methanol as a fuel for modern internal combustion engines are to be clarified and needs for action identified.

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